Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Trick or Treat. . . Campground Style

IMG_6961While we were in Indiana we met up wth friends who were camping or as I like to say, glamping since they don't actually pitch tents, but have a camper as well as their TV hooked up.
_MG_2784.jpgThere was beer drinking,
_MG_2786.jpgBrat grilling,
_MG_2785.jpgcheese sandwich over the fire,
_MG_2768.jpgand then some sliding at the playground, 
_MG_2769.jpgand some more sliding,
_MG_2781.jpgand then some jumping
_MG_2777.jpgon these things called the Kangaroo Jumper.
_MG_2792.jpgAfter all that fun the children dressed up in Halloween costumes and we headed out to check out some camp sites.
_MG_2794.jpgPeople around here go all out on their decorations.
_MG_2788.jpgA lot of campers line up at the end of their "street" to hand out candy to the children. I think they enjoy seeing the children as much as the children enjoy receiving their candy.
_MG_2793.jpgThis campground is huge! It wasn't just fun for the children there were a ton of adults that dressed up too. 
_MG_2798.jpgWe even managed to make it across this long and creaky bridge
_MG_2801.jpgonly to come face to face with this scary guy who jumped out at you as you picked out your own candy. It's a good thing we knew this guy. :) We were able to trick-or-treat in September and our children were so confused, but also excited to be getting so much candy when it wasn't really Halloween yet.
IMG_7062Later that week after all of the children went to bed we adults stayed up, played cards, and indulged in a little candy. :) The trick-or-treating turned out to be a win-win!

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Heather said...

You are some of your kids' candy?! Haha.

Looks like a fun way to do something different for Halloween this year :)