Thursday, November 14, 2013

Out With the Girls

IMG_6724It started out with brunch at this adorable restaurant, The Corner Office.
IMG_6720We arrived just in time for the Disco Brunch which they have every Sunday. You should check it out! We dined with a Lionel Richie's old vinyl. It was such a hoot!
NKOTB forever.Then it was a short hop, skip, and a jump over to the Garner Galleria to check out none other than Joey McIntyre's new show. You know who he is right? If you're from my generation you have to know him. I'm sure you listened to the New Kids on the Block, right? Joey Joe aka Joey Mac has written a musical. It seemed very hush hush. I didn't see anything in the media about it. I just stumbled upon it when I was looking at the different shows on Denver Center's website and saw it posted there. I emailed my friend Carissa right away and said we had to go. She was all in, so along with our friend Chris we headed to the show.
_MG_2624.jpgWhile it was an entertaining show we did think that it could use some work. You see, Denver was just the starting point for the show. The hope is that it will make to broadway someday. It's a coming-of-age show about Joey McIntyre's life. I've got to hand it to him because I think a one man show would be extremely difficult to pull off. What he's done is great, but we all agreed that we wish there was more about his time with NKOTB. That's what I think the draw was for most of us ladies who attended his show. After the show Chris noticed a sign on the wall that said something about forming a line to meet Joey Mac, so guess what we did? That's right! We got in line only to be disappointed when we were told that Joey Mac had to meet with his writers to work on the show a little more. After hanging around a little longer, chatting it up with his manager, and hoping that he would just show up to see us we gave up, but his manager said we could come back after any show and he would probably come out and meet us. Now, can you guess what we did? The show we attended was a matinee. The photo above was taken at night.
_MG_2630.jpgThat's right! We couldn't miss a chance to meet Joey Mac, so us girls met up again, after our children were in bed just so we could meet this Joey Mac. We arrived just before the evening show ended and hung out in the bar area where the nice bartender agreed to snap a pic of us waiting for him. 
Then it was time. We stood in line and look who appeared. I brought my fancy camera and all, but we weren't allowed to use it. We had to just use the theater camera which was totally disappointing. I handed my fancy camera off to Carissa's friend who did the best he could in our situation. The theater photos were mostly terrible, so here's Chris's photo take with my camera.

9735973809_dc9c1e0fef_o.jpgThis is me and Joey Mac with the theater camera. I tried to fix it as best as I could in Lightroom.
_MG_2643.jpgI think this pic of Cariss turned out pretty good, considering. At least she can still print and frame it. Meeting the NKOTB was on her bucket list.

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Melissa said...

What the what?!?! You met the "cutest" NKOTB?!!!

That's awesome. Though, I'm sure you'll wash your hand again, right? LOL.