Monday, October 7, 2013

Three Sisters Park

IMG_1759.jpgA member at our church is an avid geocacher. He has even taken vacations based around geocaching. He recommended this park to us, so we thought we'd check it out.
_MG_2045.jpgThe weather couldn't be any better for hiking.
_MG_2056.jpgThis tiny little old film container was our first cache. I can't believe that our children will never know what film containers look like.
IMG_1718.jpgThe stroller didn't last too long because soon the terrain became less stroller friendly.
_MG_2061.jpgRachel and Kai found our next cache.
_MG_2062.jpgThe boys enjoyed rock climbing all over the park.
_MG_2066.jpgThe mountain views were beautiful as always.
_MG_2072.jpg"Hello, down below!" One part of the trail became steep which made it difficult for the little ones to keep up.
_MG_2073.jpgI think that's a view of a golf course in Evergreen.
_MG_2076.jpgWe even saw a few horses on the trail.
_MG_2080.jpgAnother film geocache was found behind a huge rock.
_MG_2088.jpgDavid then found another geocache with goodies included.
_MG_2092.jpgWhat great hiding place!
IMG_4501.jpgA nearby hiker offered to take a photo of all of us. We could have continued our hunt, but we had some grumbling bellies,
IMG_1762.jpgso off to BeauJo's we went!


Gretchen said...

Fun! I just posted hiking pics too, but we still haven't started geocaching. We need to do that because it obviously keeps the kids hopping. But where's your bro? I see everyone else in the picture.

JAN said...

My brother wasn't actually hiking with us. He flew in that evening. He was on a business trip and came from Virginia.

JAN said...

And, yes! You guys should start geocaching. It's fun and easy.