Monday, July 15, 2013

Jr. Rockies Baseball

_MG_0905.jpgThomas is all boy. He loves run to run, jump, throw, and hit things. Baseball seemed like a good fit for him.
_MG_0906.jpgHe's a natural. It all seems to come pretty easy to him, but I have to say he loves to practice. . . all the time.
_MG_0630.jpgHe's probably one of the fastest players on his team. I think he gets that from me. ;)
_MG_0636.jpgWhile it's been fun to watch him play I also have to remember that these boys are still just learning how to play the game. Sometimes 2 or 3 boys will be going after the ball, obviously not staying in their positions.
_MG_0647.jpgBaseball has been a great thing for Thomas. It's made him a little less crazy and little more mellow around the house because he's been able to run off all the energy he has.

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Lauren said...

He looks so tough in that last photo like he's 17 and just a hit a home run for his team and all the girls think he's cool. Keep it up, Thomas.