Sunday, July 7, 2013

Chocolate Dipped Donuts and Ice Cream

_MG_0540.jpgSeriously. A person doesn't need words for this beautiful sight. Kel and I spent a morning at the mall and a few thrift stores with 5 children. We figured after that ordeal we should relax with some donuts, ice cream and chocolate. We also like to make things so that we can photograph and eat them. It's kind of a win-win all around. 
_MG_0517.jpgTo begin, purchase some beautiful donuts. We like Krispy Kreme.
_MG_0518.jpgSlice your donuts in half lengthwise.
_MG_0522.jpgNext, grab your favorite ice cream. We only had this vanilla here, but I bet coffee ice cream would be fabulous with these donuts.
_MG_0531.jpgScoop your ice cream onto a plate and mold it so that it fits onto your donut.
_MG_0532.jpgPlace the ice cream on one half of the donut like so.
_MG_0534.jpgPlace the other half of the donut on top of the ice cream and press down gently, but firmly.
_MG_0535.jpgWhile the donuts would probably taste great with just the ice cream, we're going to go a step further and dip them in a little chocolate. Chocolate just adds another awesome dimension to all of this. Take some chocolate chips from your cabinet and melt them in the microwave. This works really well when you don't have the patience to melt them in a double boiler on your stovetop.
_MG_0537.jpgGrab a donut sandwich and dip away. 
_MG_0547.jpgThen try not to eat 5 or 6 of them by sharing them with your children. They'll love them just as much as you do. 


Kellee said...

This was so fun! I feel like a hand model. Next time warn me so I can get a manicure first. Thanks again for having us and for the treats!

Dan & Brenda said...

please move back to Washington! I wanna be your official taste tester :)

Gretchen said...

I feel sick just looking at these. And Krispy Kreme?!? Are you a closet southerner? You should try Dunkin next time. Just sayin'.

Adriane said...


Emily said...

Wow, that is a lot of sugar!

JAN said...

Oh, Gretchen. Did I need to add a slice of bacon on it for you? I grew up on Dunkin Donuts, but there isn't one near us. :( I do miss it, but Krispy Kreme is filling that void just fine.