Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Fielder Workshop

JJ.jpgLast week Jann and I had the opportunity to attend a landscape photography workshop with well known, Colorado photographer John Fielder. When we walked in together and said that we were Jann and Jan it became the joke of the class. Everyone who walked in after us was asked if their name was also Jan. No one forgot our names the rest of the afternoon.
_MG_9509.jpgWe started out in the classroom where we learned about composition, color, view, perspective, form, etc. We looked at some of John's work and also learned how he does his post-processing, i.e. makes his photos shine.
_MG_9523.jpgAfter a short break we headed over to nearby Bluff Lake for a little hiking and photo shoot. John carried around his little point and shoot, took some photos, showed them to us, and had us take some of our own photos.
_MG_9529.jpgLate afternoon storms are the norm in Denver during the spring. We were able to capture some pretty cool clouds in our photos.
_MG_9534.jpgAs we shot our photographs John came around to take a look and show us how we could improve our shots. I was told that I had too much sky in my photo.  Do you agree? I do.
_MG_9536.jpgHe then took my camera and shot this to show me how my shot could be better. Yeah, his shot was much better than mine and now I have John Fielder original on my camera! 
_MG_9558.jpgThere were some fun colors on our shoot as well. I love the red and green colors together.
IMG_1841.jpgJann caught me in the act. I actually never realized that I lean back when I shoot. It's kind of funny looking isn't it? 
_MG_9613.jpgI was trying to get this shot when Jann shot that photo of me. 
_MG_9621.jpgTo get "the" photo don't be afraid to try out different angles.
_MG_9625.jpgWhen you lay on the ground you can get shots like this.
_MG_9640.jpgWith all the late snow this spring the trees have just started to get their leaves.
_MG_9665.jpgWe also worked on some delightful reflection shots.
_MG_9697.jpgThe excitement came when the sun was setting. There color on these trees with the sun shining on them was pretty amazing.
_MG_9733.jpgThere's not much daylight left.
_MG_9745.jpgAs we were heading back we saw some deer hanging out. They didn't seem to fear us at all.
_MG_9760.jpgSilhouettes can also make for some beautiful shots.
_MG_9764.jpgBeing out when the sunsets made me realize that I'm hardly ever outside when this happens. I think I need to get out more.
JJJWe, aka The Jan/ns to John Fielder, had a wonderful time. We learned a lot about landscape photography and it was great to be outside working on our new skills. You can check out some more phtotos HERE


Lauren said...

You went hiking in THOSE shoes? Of course you did.

Your photos are beautiful, Jan. I'm not always a fan of nature shots but yours look so striking and vibrant. Good work!

Heather said...

Ok, for the record I like your shot better. I love those dark clouds.

The photo you took of the deer is GORGEOUS! Seriously, I'm in love with that photo, I want to frame it and hang it in my house.

Finally, Jann and John Fielder look like they're related! Is it just me or do you see it too?

Gretchen said...

Oh my goodness, those shots are just stunning! Unlike Lauren, I love nature photography and one of my biggest regrets is that I can't properly capture all the beauty around me. You can.

And I was going to say the same as Heather. I actually like your shot better, because it shows a longer windy path that looks as if it could take you on an adventure. Also, if the point is the stormy sky, then you got more of it.

But see paragraph #1, because I don't know anything about how to take good photos. I only know how to appreciate them. Nice work!

JAN said...

Thank you, ladies. You are too kind.

Heather, you can have the deer photo if you'd like. You'll have a Jan Melius original in your home. :)

Jann is my second cousin. Don't you see the resemblance? Ok, second cousin by marriage, but whatevs.

Gretchen, that's Jann (Swanhorst). Do you know them?

Colleen said...

Your pictures are gorgeous! And in those shoes, no less! You are so talented. What a cool idea, and with your natural talent, the sky is the limit, I'm sure! (But not too much sky.)

Gretchen said...

Yes, Donna talked about Jann constantly when we lived there! I only met her a few times, I think.