Wednesday, April 10, 2013


_MG_00551.jpgEaster evening we had friends over and we feasted!
_MG_0068.jpgThere was defimitely no shortage on food. This was just appetizers and desserts. Dinner was wonderful with smoked ham and a generous array of sides.
_MG_0076.jpgThe weather was gorgeous, so all of the children were outside for most of the day.
_MG_0072.jpgEven the littlest enjoyed a some time outdoors. Can you tell how dry it is in Colorado. Nothing can keep that hair down.
_MG_0079.jpgSince we're pretty tradtional around here, as with every year, there was cigar smoking and poker playing.
_MG_0080.jpgAs the night wore on there was even some snuggling time.

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