Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The Big Storm

_MG_9561.jpgLast week the news stations around here told us to gear up for a large snow storm that would hit our area on Saturday with about a foot of snow. We were ready. It seemed like the perfect baking and crafting kind of a day. We awoke to about 4 inches of snow.
_MG_9567.jpgEdie had linked to a site that had made corner page bookmarks. They looked just like the thing my kids would want to make since they've been reading a lot lately. 
_MG_9576.jpgAfter lunch it was time for chores. David couldn't wait to get outside because he really wanted to shovel that snow.
_MG_9584.jpgTen minutes later he had given up and decided to make snow balls instead.
_MG_9590.jpgRachel got the deck shoveled even though the snow was pretty wet and heavy. That's how it snows around here in March. In December and January the snow is light and powdery, but once March hits the snow is much heavier.
_MG_9602.jpgThis little girl is hard to keep indoors when everyone is out and about.
_MG_9603.jpgAnna loves the snow too! She can get a face full of snow and think it's the funniest thing ever.
_MG_9610.jpgThe wind was blowing and the snow was falling, but none of that seemed to bother any of my children. They love to play in the snow every chance they get. 
_MG_9616.jpgAnd remember that massive snow storm we were supposed to get? I think we ended up with about 6 inches, not the 12 inches that the weather people predicted. 
Mini pumpkin muffin donut holes! Thanks for the recipe @lebraatenLauren shared this muffin donut hole recipe, so we baked pumpkins to make puree and made mini pumpkin donut holes! Recipe to come later.
_MG_9639.jpgSunday had the sun out and the snow melting quickly. Elizabeth desparately wanted to build a snowman.
_MG_9641.jpgRachel was kind enough to help her and build a little one for herself as well. I have to say that the weather has been playing games with our meteorologists here in Denver. We had couple sunny days and last night the snow began falling again. This morning we woke up to another 3 inches that was never in the forecast. I think the score is Weather 2 and Meteorologists 0.

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