Monday, January 7, 2013

Up All Night

Our night in Estes Park was quite interesting. I can look back now and laugh hysterically about it. The wonderful thing about the lodge in which we stayed was that there was a massive common area and no one, but our two families pretty much, were staying in the lodge. We were able to put all of our children to bed and then hang out in the common area without keeping the children awake. When my Lutheran Stud and I were finally ready to retire for the evening we entered our room to this. Elizabeth is a sound sleeper. She hardly moves an inch while she sleeps. On the other hand, Anna is just everywhere, all night long. 

In the middle of the night Anna woke up shrieking. We thought she was having a nightmare, so we calmed her down and back to sleep she went. It wasn't even an hour later that she woke up screaming again. When we asked her what was wrong she said, "Elizabeth bit me." Not wanting to believe her we tried to tell her that she was dreaming. 

Then my Lutheran Stud noticed that Elizabeth was awake, so he asked her if she bit Anna. She was slow to reply with, "Anna wouldn't stop kicking me, so I bit her arm." Okay, then. I guess Anna wasn't dreaming after all. I'm not sure any of us got much sleep that night. 
IMG_3601My Lutheran Stud was up and at 'em before the sun was even up. He ran to town and picked up donuts for us and then met up with Pastor Wofmueller to study Greek. We didn't see them most of the morning since they also had an early morning meeting.
IMG_3602With Keri and I left with just one vehicle and 10 children we crammed all of the children into their van and decided to go exploring and find some fun activities for the children.

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Lauren said...

That looks like a van full of fun, if you ask me.

And sweet Elizabeth . . . a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do.