Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Skippin' Town

On a jet planeLast week I hopped on a plane and left Colorado. The weather was beautiful. The clouds were puffy, and the view was gorgeous.
Leaving on a jet planeWhat made traveling even more fun was that I got to fly with good friends. (I stole this photo from Heather's Facebook.)
On a jet planeEntertainment was never a problem since we are magazine crazy gals.  The flight attendants coveted our magazine stash while we planned out crafting projects for the rest of the year, or tried to plan some anyway.
San AntonioOur plane touched down in the beautiful state of Texas, where I thought I'd sweat my entire body away from the sweltering heat and humidity.
Cotton Gin VillageWe drove until we arrived at this breathtaking place, Cotton Gin Village. It was so green and gorgeous!
Big A$$ HouseWe met up with some more awesome Lutheran ladies and stayed in this big a. . . ginormous house. Check back for more adventures in Texas! 


DeAnn said...

True Story-I did sweat and melt away. :)

Lauren said...

I love your pictures!! And I'm smiling already . . . anxious for the rest of the story.

Adriane said...

Hey, it WAS one big a . . . um, you know.