Sunday, October 28, 2012

On the Road Again

_MG_0006.jpgAfter our family returned home from Breckenridge, we were home just long enough to do several loads of laundry and pack our suitcases again. 
_MG_0018.jpgIt was time for another road trip. Only this time it was going to take us almost 2 full days to get to our destination. The children were quite amused by this pink road. They had all sorts of questions. Questions we couldn't answer, so internet friends, if any of you know why this road is pink do share! We'd love to know the reason.
_MG_0019.jpgIn a really long car ride excitement builds when you see signs like this. It makes you feel like you're really getting somewhere.
IMG_3242Then it begins to feel like a never ending car ride again, so you take a nap. It's pretty cozy in our car. It's great for family bonding.
IMG_3243We made it to our first destination, which was a pit stop to visit old friends and enjoy a little dinner.
IMG_3244We met the Wendts while we were at the seminary. The first year we were there we were both childless. Now they've got children and we've got children, and some of our children are even the same ages. It was fun to get together with them since it's been years. I think our children even had a great time together. Then it was time to load up the car and drive a few more hours.


ellenbrd said...

The "pink" roads are paved using scoria (which is a naturally red rock) instead of asphalt. Scoria is found in abundance in Wyoming. It is also crushed and used to increase traction on icy and snowy roads. It is not mixed with salt and therefore does not rust out cars!

Ellen in Wyoming

JAN said...

Thank you, Ellen. I wondered about that and WY was the only place we saw the pink roads.