Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Girl

_MG_9085.jpgWe began Anna's 3rd birthday at church. She requested pink chocolate cupcakes, so we decided to share some with her Sunday school friends.
_MG_9084.jpgPink and chocolate turned out to be Neopolitan Nutella. Fun, right? They were delicious.
_MG_9112.jpgWhen we got home we did a little celebrating with our family. This little girl could not have been any happier.
_MG_9119.jpgI love this age when they understand, get excited, and participate in their birthdays.
_MG_9097.jpgI made her and Elizabeth matching outfits. Now that's exciting!
_MG_9098.jpgRachel hand sewed a little kitty with a small bag for her.
_MG_9100.jpgAnna was super excited to get a new backpack. Can you tell?
_MG_9103.jpgIt was a fun filled birthday for this little girl!


Lauren said...

Oh my goodness . . . her chubby face is so sweet and adorable.

Adriane said...

Look at all those smiles!

Kellee said...

I see you went with the Christmas paper again for this birthday :) She is such a cutie!