Thursday, August 9, 2012


Thomas05a_thumb1.jpgThomas was a tiny little thing when he was born.  So cute and adorable.
_MG_8328.jpgToday he is 7. He's all boy and loves to do P90X with his dad. 
_MG_8330.jpgHe wants to grow his hair out like Justin Bieber. Sorry, buddy. Your hair, now, is as long as it's going to get while you live in our home. ;) It's a bit of a hectic week, so we've celebrated here and there with goodies to come tomorrow.
Thomas requested pizza.Thomas really wanted to go to BeauJo's. Tuesday is their kids eat free night, however, when you read the fine print it says "one child per adult." They were kind enough to let 3 of our children eat for free. It worked out okay since most of them just wanted wanted pizza and not a kids' meal. They have pretty fabulous pizza and they are family friendly, so it has become one of our favorite places.
Magic Rob makes balloon objects too.With family night also comes Magic Rob who makes balloon objects and does magic tricks to entertain the children while they wait for their meal. It makes the time wait time fly by quickly.
Splash park.We spent the day with Kelllee and her girls at the splash park near their home. Our kids just love that place.
Cold?It's the perfect place on a super hot day! Thomas's birthday is to be continued. . .


Katie Fiene said...

Happy Birthday, Thomas!!

Lauren said...

Happy birthday, Thomas!