Friday, June 8, 2012


_MG_6776.jpgIt never fails that when we have family in town and they leave my children are sad for days. I knew this would happen, so the day after everyone left we met up with friends at the park. The day after that we rode our bikes to a park near our home.
We got to choose more donuts to bring home with us!It also happened to be national Donut Day, so we headed to Krispy Kreme, picked up our free donuts, watched them make donuts for awhile, and headed to the park.
_MG_6753.jpgThe little playground was perfect for the little girls who sat in the stroller since they can't ride their bikes yet.
_MG_6727.jpgThey loved the swings.
_MG_6752.jpgThe area near our home has a lot of trails, wide open spaces, and lush green grass. We love it! The children love riding their bikes on the little dirt trails._MG_6735.jpgDonuts were a welcome snack at the park.
_MG_6756.jpgAnna is making sure no one takes her donut from her with a little scowl.
_MG_6768.jpgAll of the kids got to choose their donuts from a wide selection and almost all of them chose the donuts with sprinkles on them.
_MG_6771.jpgPoof! All gone, Mom!


Adriane said...

Tell Anna I am proud of her. She has, at a young age, already perfected the scowl that says, "Don't mess with me just 'cause I'm the littlest." It will serve her well in life.

Lauren said...

I love how Anna is large and in charge and Elizabeth looks so sweet and dainty. Both are such cuties!