Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A's @Rockies

We finally made it to our first Rockies game this season, a few weeks ago. 

We received tickets, from one of our church members, last season. When we went to that game it was fan appreciation day and we received tickets to a game this season. We were finally able to get to a game when I realized that the Oakland Athletics had rolled into town.

We arrived quite early since we didn't actually have seats, but just vouchers. We enjoyed watching the A's warm up and take batting practice.

We walked around the stadium for awhile and arrived at the Camerena Loft. It's a pretty cool area in the ballpark. Your seats are actually at a table or bar. You can watch the entire game here while you eat or drink.

Purple margarita. Go #Rockies!!!
It's the only place you can find this Purple Margarita.

Here's the view from the loft. Pre-game preparations are going on to perfect the field. 

Can you believe that it takes 6 men to water the infield? 

Seth Smith played for the Rockies last year. He was one of my favorite players and it was sad to see him get traded. Imagine my surprise to see him in an A's uniform.
_MG_7106.jpgHe played incredibly well against the Rockies. It kind of makes me wonder why they traded him.


He hit double to left field his first at bat. 
We countered with a double of our own.

Marcos hit one to the opposite field driving in an run as well.

Cuddyer hit a home run and gave us hope. He's Thomas' favorite player because "he hits grand slams."

Perhaps you've heard about all the crazy wild fires in Colorado. The day we attended this game the air was thick with smoke. You could smell the High Park Fire in Denver. Please keep Colorado in your prayers. So many people have already lost their homes or have been evacuated. I believe there are currently 11 wild fires burning in our state. It's devastating.

 Cargo is another favorite player in our household. He came up to bat and we thought it was a home run.
_MG_7156.jpgBut, he hit the ball to my man Seth and that ended the inning.


We had hope in the next few innings when we scored a few runs.
As the sun went down we took a little stroll to get a bite to eat and watch the game from a different area. Coors field is a wonderful ballpark. There are great views all over stadium.

Though the Rockies lost 5-8 it was a beautiful evening for a ball game.

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Colleen said...

I love that you know all this about baseball. When I'm there I'm all like "YAY! I'm at a baseball game!". But I never know what's going on on the field.