Tuesday, June 5, 2012


IMG_6140.jpgIt was quite warm and sunny while my family was in town. That meant popsicles for cooling off.
IMG_6152-2.jpgThe kids even learned how to play chess and other games. There was a lot of playing on iPads and iPhones.
_MG_6671.jpgThere was definitely no shortage of Apple products around here: 2 Macbook Pros, 3 iPads, and 5 iphones. Chargers, however, were a bit scarce.


Lauren said...

And here I thought you had some delicious apple recipe.

And with all those Apple products you never once got the blue screen of death, did you? Awesome.

JAN said...

what's the blue screen of death?

Colleen said...

I decided that my goal for the summer is to make a couple of your recipes. Also, your family is adorable.

Lauren said...

Jan - Exactly. You never see it because you have a Mac. It's when a PC goes all goofy and the screen turns blue. Not good.