Thursday, May 24, 2012

The Fundraiser

_MG_6345.jpgThis fundraiser is kind of a win-win for everyone. You can't beat getting your oil changed for $10. I know that we pay more than that for just the oil. Since we needed to get our oil changed we stopped by Go Honda after church. We were greeted by some wonderful people who helped keep the line moving smoothly.
_MG_6333.jpgWhile we waited there was food. Hot dogs were being grilled. Wouldn't you like to have a grill that size? I know I would. ;)
_MG_6343.jpgIt was perfect since it was lunch time. Sara, our kids' favorite sitter, dropped by for lunch too. _MG_6340.jpgHere's what was left of my baked goods when we arrived around 1pm. It was quite a bake sale.
_MG_6349.jpgThe people at Go Honda were great. I would just recommend that if you drive a pick-up make sure a service person is driving your vehicle, rather than somone who sits at a desk all day. ;) There was a small accident when my husband's pick was being driven out of the garage. Oops! It's all good though. We're kind of laughing about it now, or rather I am, since it wasn't my Land Cruiser. They are taking good care of us. If you're in the market for a new vehicle I would still recommend Go Honda because you probably won't meet a nicer bunch people, from the sales team to the service team. 
The fundraiser was a huge success. With 17 Go locations in the Denver area 1,429 oil changes were done and a total of $21,100 was raised!

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