Wednesday, February 22, 2012


_MG_4378.jpgI've been in a sewing mood lately, but I can't decide what to sew. I decided to pull out an old box that I have. It's filled with old patterns that I received from Jared's grandma Rosemarie when she passed away. I found some cute apron patterns, so this might get added to my list of things to sew.
_MG_4376.jpgI thought about making something like this for my Lutheran Stud, but I'm not sure he'd wear this especially since I offered to make him some clerical shirts and he said I should probably start with underwear first. Huh? I can totally see Orin, Conrad, Dwight, Doyle, or Joel in these clothes. Totally.
_MG_4373.jpgThis pattern, though, is my favorite because, well, just look at it. It's fantastic, and the fact that it says "for Dwight" makes me curious. Denise, did Dwight ever wear this outfit on some hot date with you? Just wondering. ;)
_MG_4384.jpgI also wonder who wore these outfits. I think I can see this on Kristi? I'm thinking about making one of these dresses for myself. The coat is pretty nice too.
_MG_4386.jpgI think Tami may have worn one of these, yes? So where do I start? There's just so much to sew now.


Heather said...

Those are so fun! I always love to look at vintage patterns I find in thrift stores, but I have yet to buy one. It's tempting... I really like some of those clothes, actually!

Please make some and share, I'd love to see it.

Karen said...

I'm looking at the prices of those patterns. It's been a long time since you could get a pattern for 75¢.

JAN said...

They are definitely old patterns. I can't wait to make one of the dresses. I'm not sure what color or design to use though.

Lauren said...

Go bold with your fabric choice, Jan. Wear some bright, loud colors in a funky pattern. People already stare because you have six children so why not really give them something to stare about. Loud, vintage dress in a modern print on a pastor's wife with a Land Cruiser full of children . . . I love it!

PS: That coat in Kelly green would be fabulous.

JAN said...

Lauren, I wish you were here to go fabric shopping with me.

Vesuvius At Home said...

Those yellow and black dresses are amazing. A friend of mine makes aprons out of old men's western shirts (pearl buttons, y'all). If I sewed, I'd be all over that.

JAN said...

What a great idea, Brittany. I think my thrifting will now include western shirts. :)