Friday, November 4, 2011

Reformation Fun

_MG_1618.jpgDays before Reformation we got together with some Lutheran friends. The older children seemed to be nonexistent most of the time while the adorable little ones hung around the kitchen because they knew where to find the good stuff.
_MG_1621.jpgLinda's house is full of apples, so what better than to make carameled apples. They're a fun treat for almost everyone, right?
_MG_1626.jpgJust poke a stick into your apple.
_MG_1627.jpgThe older children seemed to appear when word of caramel apples being made got out. Dip your apple into some melted caramel.
_MG_1625.jpgLook at the fun toppings you can even add.
_MG_1629.jpgRoll away! You can't put too much on these apples. The more the merrier.
_MG_1628.jpgWho can resist such cute little apples?
_MG_1614.jpgHere's Christina holding the newest little Sherrill. 
_MG_1636.jpgLook at that adorable sweet face!
_MG_1640.jpgAnd her cute little feet. I think you can still see that little prick mark on her heel.
_MG_1643.jpgWe tried to wake her up, but she wasn't interested in visiting. She was pretty content just to snuggle in everyone's arms.

1 comment:

Linda said...

Awwww...that was a fun day. I'm still finding caramel stuck to things in my house!
Maybe next time Renata can open her eyes for you. I love the feet picture, thanks for taking those!