Tuesday, September 27, 2011

It's Not All Work Around Here

_MG_0519.jpgOkay, I know I put my mom to work while she was here, but I wasn't a slave driver. I bribed my friend, Carissa, makeup artist and beauty blogger with Thai food and cookies, to come over and give my mom a little makeover.
_MG_0522.jpgMy mom doesn't wear very much makeup, mostly because she doesn't know what or how to wear things. I told Carissa this and she brought a whole bunch of products to play with.
_MG_0520.jpgIt doesn't take much to even out skin tones and punch up the eyes a bit, yet still look natural. Don't you just love her makeover? I love it!
_MG_0517.jpgMy dad's retired now, so we put him in charge of playing with the kids. Kids are full of energy and that can wear a person out.
_MG_0538.jpgGrandpa and David were good buddies while my parents were in town. My dad made contests up for the kids and they thought the competitions were a hoot. See? We don't work that hard around here.


Ellen - SkoMomma said...

You're Mom looks great! And your Dad reminds me of my own ( the snoozing part anyway). :-)

Adriane said...

Your dad and I have similar babysitting styles. I knew I liked this guy.

Kellee said...

I am glad your parents had a good visit! You rearranged the school room and you got a new table. Didn't you?