Thursday, September 29, 2011

Colorado Rockies

_MG_0648.jpgLast week my Lutheran Stud and I were able to attend one of the last Rockies home games of the season. They've had dismal season with no hope of making it to the playoffs.
_MG_0654.jpgMany of the starting players were injured and weren't even playing in the game. There were quite a few players playing that we had never even heard of. I have high hopes that they'll be strong players in the future.
_MG_0658.jpgSince we had such wonderful seats it was just a short little walk to Famous Dave's for a little barbeque. Famous Dave's has just one location in the whole stadium. We hadn't had any bbq yet this season, so it was time.
IMG_0652.jpgIt had also been a whole year since I had any chocolate covered bacon, so I had to some of that too. They've changed it up since I last had it. They added red pepper flakes to the mix giving it a bit of a kick. It was fabulous. I highly recommend this if you like sweet and salty things. If you're ever at a ball game get it quickly because I've been told that it sells out at every game.
_MG_0680.jpgThe game was a little on the slow side, though there were some good plays.
_MG_0684.jpgThe Rockies had a few chances to score, 
_MG_0692.jpgbut they struggled to get the hits that they needed.
_MG_0697.jpgThey even pulled their most adored player off the bench, still injured, and it didn't help.
_MG_0704.jpgDinger the dinosaur did get the crowd going though.
_MG_0709.jpgThen an unfortuante thing happened. A guy from the other team must not have seen the ball coming because all of the sudden it hit him right in the face and he had to be removed from the game.
_MG_0716.jpgThe one good thing is that the Rockies did end up scoring and we cheered like the crazy fans that we are. It didn't matter that the Rockies lost. It doesn't matter that the Rockies aren't going to the playoffs. The Rockies do, however, have the best fans in baseball. How else can you explain getting 31,000 fans to come out on Tuesday night to watch a team fraught with injuries and no hope of making it to the World Series? That's why the Rockies have the best fans in baseball.
_MG_0727.jpgOn top of that after the game you get to sit in this lovely traffic. It was a fun night and a little sad to see the baseball season come to an end. I suppose that'll give me more time to begin some sewing projects right? 


Adriane said...

I think it may be time to hang up your baseball career if you're getting hit in the face with a ball. Just sayin'.

Marcia said...

You can be a Rangers fan this post-season!