Thursday, August 25, 2011

It's Still Summer

_MG_9657.jpgThe neighborhood children started school on Monday. 

_MG_9659.jpgOur neighborhood pool became like a ghost town. 

_MG_9661.jpgWe've had record-breaking heat around here lately. It's been in the upper-90s the last couple of days.

_MG_9664.jpgIt's been too hot to play outside, however, if swimming is involved it's not too hot.

_MG_9667.jpgIt was nap time, but we decided to go to the pool instead.

_MG_9674.jpgOur children got to enjoy not one, but two empty pools to themselves.

_MG_9677.jpgWe have an adult swim the last 10 minutes of every hour. There weren't any adults around to swim, so Rebecca and Rachel were able to stay in the big pool.

_MG_9679.jpgIf the weather stays this hot I think there will be a few more trips to the pool.

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Adriane said...

Look at those red cheeks!