Friday, August 12, 2011

I Might Be a Tad Biased

_MG_9382.jpgAlright it's August. Have you picked up the lastest copy of The Lutheran Witness yet? What? You still don't have a subscription? What are you waiting for? Here's the link to remedy that right away.
_MG_9402.jpgThere is a fabulous 10 Minutes with. . . article this month. 
_MG_9398.jpgMr. "Fritz" Upham is a pretty incredible man. You should read about him.
_MG_9386.jpg  There are also some pretty amazing photos in that article. I think the photos in that article make the whole magazine.
_MG_9392.jpgOkay. I'm just kidding. I have to say that because the photos were take by me. That's right. My name is in print! You might need a magnifying glass to see it, but it's definitely there. See? I zoomed in just for you.
_MG_6125.jpgAll kidding aside, I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Upham and photographing him for The Lutheran Witness. He was the kindest, sweetest 90-year-old I have ever met and he's got a pretty stunning story to tell. Yes, stunning. It might take you a bit to realize it, but you'll get it, and then you'll be stunned. He was even kind enough to give an autographed copy of the book that he and his family were featured in about the Civil War. Be sure to check it out and let me know what you think. 


Esther said...

I just got a subscription a couple weeks ago, thanks to your blog! I really LOVE the improvements they've made. Haven't read this article yet, but I will soon!

Lauren said...

You go, Jan!!

Gretchen said...

Nice job, Jan. Your pics are fabulous. Pretty soon, I'll say I knew you when....

Adriane said...

The Mah-lie-uses = Lutheran rock stars. Thanks for your mad photography skillz! The magazine wouldn't be the same without them.