Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Happy 6th Birthday, Thomas

Thomas05b3.jpgYou were born with some bruises on your forehead from some pretty strong contractions. Poor thing.
Chile.jpgBelieve it or not you were a world traveler before you were even born. Just 7 weeks before you were born we took a trip to Chile, where we thought we going to move after you were born. 
ThomasBaptism_thumb1.jpgYou were baptized six days after you were born at Zion Lutheran Church in Corunna, IN.
IMG_4285.jpgWe celebrated your first birthday, in Denver, at Mt. Zion Lutheran church and with all of the children that attended vacation Bible school that day.
Thomas2.jpg2nd Birthday.
ThomasI.jpgThe amazing Marissa made this awesome cake for you on your 3rd birthday.
Thomas4th[4].jpg4th birthday.
TBday94.jpgLast year you wanted a Spiderman cake and a pinata to celebrate with your neighbor friends.
_MG_9336.jpgToday you are 6 years old. Being all boy, you rocked my world with wild and crazy ways. You're still all boy. You love to run, climb, throw, and yell, but you've also matured a lot in the last year. You've become quite the little helper. You want to help with everything from cooking to helping Dad with tools. You're very obsevant and you always ask some pretty great questions because you want to why things are the way they are. We love you, Thomas! Happy birthday.


Lauren said...

Happy birthday, Thomas. I hope your sixth year in full of adventure and learning.

Also, Jan, ahem . . . can you please explain to me why you don't look pregnant in the picture that was supposedly taken 7 WEEKS before giving birth? Thanks.

Your twice as fat yet only half-way through friend

Katie Fiene said...

Happy Birthday, Thomas. We miss you!!

Adriane said...

Happy birthday, Big T!

DeAnn said...

Funny Lauren, I was thinking the same thing in that Chile picture. What gives Jan?
Happy Birthday Thomas-God's blessings on year number 6 and many more to come.

Gretchen said...

I remember that...Jan was such a trooper in Chile, climbing all over with everyone else. She probably had a bigger belly in the sideways view. I was marveling at how good she looked 6 days after his birth (and how much frosting he had on his arm for his first!) Happy birthday, Thomas!

JAN said...

I was plenty big by the time we were on our home. They almost didn't let me on the plane. I remember Gretchen telling me that she thought I sort of just popped out towards the end of our trip. There. Happy? I was so big they almost didn't let me on the plane. :)