Thursday, July 28, 2011

Here Comes Trouble

Are these two just the cutest? They look so sweet and innocent don't they? And their dresses just make them look all the sweeter. Don't fall for it though. They're not perfect. They're little sinners just like you and me. Believe it or not Anna throws tantrums. Elizabeth's tantrums are worse, but we'll talk about that a different time.

I don't do well with tantrums. If one of the little ones throws a tantrum they have to go to their room right away. The screaming and the crying drives me nuts if it's for no good reason, like not getting their way. The other day Anna started screaming over something she couldn't have, so I carried her upstairs, placed her in her crib, and shut the door. Guess what happened?

The next thing I know there was really loud screaming, when I turned around there was Anna. I thought Rebecca took her out of her crib when she heard her crying. Nope.  I took her back upstairs. Put her back in her crib, and what else does this mom do? I grabbed my camera. I started video taping to see what she would do next. Sure enough she climbed out of her crib all on her own. This time Elizabeth came to her rescue and to see what all the crying was about. This chubby cheeked cutie is a climber. She's the complete opposite of her sister Elizabeth, who won't even try climbing out of her crib. Can you believe the athleticism of this girl? She's just like my boys.


Lauren said...

I love how Anna stops crying while she's climbing out of the crib (since she's distracted by the fact that she's breaking free), but then once she's out she resumes crying again. :) I think kids forget what they're even upset about sometimes but just keep on with the crying.

So . . . does this mean a toddler bed is in her future soon?

DeAnn said...

Anna cries so softly and sweetly when she throws a tantrum. When AJ used to throw his big tantrums, the noise wouldn't was off the charts. When I'm hard of hearing someday, I'm totally blaming him for it.
By the way, tantrum or not, she is a cutie. :)

Katie Fiene said...

She is too cute. I'll take her anytime.