Wednesday, June 8, 2011


RebeccaI decided it was time to give my blog a small makeover. I've tried numerous times to get a group shot of the children for my header, but now I think it's time to give up on that, a least for a little while. Then I started searching for recent individual photos and realized that there weren't many in my catalog. What? That's a little strange for Camera Jan who always has a camera in hand.
RachelYesterday was a pretty hot day. When the sun is out in the summer it's blazing hot. You can feel yourself getting sun burned in just minutes. By early evening that sun is beginning to make it's way down so the heat lets up a bit. Not only do things begin to cool off, but the light from the sun is beautiful.
ThomasI decided it was time to update some photos of the children, so as they were playing in the backyard I snapped away.
DavidDavid voluntarily offered to hang up some laundry. I quickly handed him as many socks as I could before he changed his mind.
ElizabethThe catchlights in the early evening are perfect! It's my favorite time of day to shoot photos. . . besides the early morning, but who gets up that early?
Anna1So there you have it. These are the new photos I used for the new header on my blog. 


Lauren said...

Your children are all so beautiful. Rebecca has such a grown up look to her now. Her hair is beautiful! And Rachel looks like she's as sweet as could be and happy-go-lucky. I love Thomas's mischievous grin and that twinkle in his eye. And David has the most beautiful eyes and sweet smile. Elizabeth has a baby face that's changing into a little girl face with those big brown eyes that captivate you. And Anna's chubby cheeks and toothy grin make her irresistible. xoxo to you all!

Hooked On Beauty said...

Camera Jan! Blog looks good. I should've had you do my re-design..which should be finished this week fingers crossed!