Monday, June 13, 2011

All Summer Long

_MG_7132.jpgIt looks like summer has finally arrived in our area. The temperatures have been sweltering hot, but we haven't turned the AC on yet! I get excited when my insanely gorgeous flowers start blooming. I've given up on planting other flowers because they just don't compare to this Clematis. This year it has grown out of control. We can hardly keep it contained..
_MG_7037.jpgIt's been nice to have a lot of fresh fruit in the house again. You can only eat so many bananas and apples, and canned fruit in the winter.
_MG_7149.jpgFresh homemade salsa is also in the house. I canned several jars last fall and while it was better than store bought it's still not the same as that fresh homemade stuff. The flavor is just amazing. I had forgotten how much I love this stuff.
_MG_7215.jpgWhile we'll be trying different things we won't be smokin' funny things. Maybe we'll be singing Sweet Home Alabama all summer long! (It's from Kid Rock, in case you were wondering.) Last night Jared and I went to a fantastic little concert. Guess who sang?  Aren't they cute? More on that later. What are you looking forward to this summer?


Adriane said...

You got to see Two-Tone Thompson!! Agh! (Ok, the other stuff looks good too. I think we're about due for another ten-in-ten, don't you think?)

Laura Melius said...

I am finally getting my fresh salsa ingredients planted. I can't wait!