Friday, May 13, 2011

Spring is in the Air

_MG_6127.jpgIt's that time of year again when Jared and I start going to as many Rockies games as we can. Okay, maybe just a few. We just really enjoy going to the games. There's just something about a baseball game.
_MG_6133.jpgThe atmosphere at the ball park is infectious. The waterfalls are calming yet there is excitement in the air.
_MG_6175.jpgPerhaps it's players like Todd Helton. He's been playing for the Rockies since the beginning. Everyone in Denver loves this guy. What's not to like? He just broke Lou Gehrig's record for hitting the most doubles in major league baseball. And his at bat song is Jason Aldean's My Kind of Party.
_MG_6177.jpgOr maybe it's because there are players like Seth Smith who appear to be one of the nicest guys ever. I might have a small crush on him. Maybe. It's tiny really. Jared makes fun of me. His at bat song is from The City Harmonic called Manifesto. What's not to like when a song has the Lord's Prayer in it?
_MG_6137.jpgThis guy here, Dexter Fowler is another one of my favorite players and when I heard his at bat song I started liking him even more. He brought me back to junior high with Bel Biv Devoe and the song Poison. Do you all remember that song?
Rocks5.jpgKeri and I couldn't stop laughing at that song. I think Dexter Fowler had to be 4 years old when that song came out.
_MG_6202.jpgSometimes going to a game with friends doesn't hurt either. It definitely makes the game more fun. You get to cheer for your favorite team with friends!
Rocks1.jpg There's just something about baseball. It's different from football, basketball, and even hockey.Rocks6.jpgIanetta just hit a home run to put us into the lead.
_MG_6234.jpg The team is so supportive of each other. It's great to see a team that gets a long so well with each other.
Rocks8.jpg They work hard while making it look easy.
Rocks9.jpg This is Huston Street. He's my favorite pitcher and Jared's too. . . most of the time. He's our closer and he's amazing. He gets the job done!
Rocks10.jpgThis is the last out of the game. The Rockies just won! Yay!

I think I know what it is about a baseball game. It's this team. We watch them play almost everyday. We watch them interact with each other and their fans. It's almost heartwarming. They are genuinely nice guys. They are the type of guys that you would love to have over for dinner with your family. Now we also love the Broncos (football), but there's just something different about football. We've gone to football games and baseball games and I'd have to say that I wouldn't bring my kids to a football game. The atmosphere is completely different and not necessarily family friendly. I think that's why we enjoy these baseball games so much. They're fun and family friendly!

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DeAnn said...

Jan, I completely agree with you. Growing up near St. Louis we regularly attended Cardinal games. I love baseball too. You really can't beat it!