Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Night On the Town

_MG_6789.jpgMy parents graciously watched our children while they were in town, so we could go out. Since they did, we hit the town. We met up with the Wolfmuellers at the Celtic Tavern in LoDo. Since I love sandwiches I ordered this Reuben. It was fabulous. The best I've ever had. Seriously. My husband had the buffet. It was full of brats, cabbage, rice pudding, and a bunch of other stuff I don't remember. You know, the typical Irish stuff. :)
_MG_6791.jpgThe Wolfmuellers both ordered fish 'n chips. It smelled fishy, but looked really good, if you like seafood. This picture would probably get me to try it. 
_MG_6796.jpgAfter dinner we headed over to Coors Field to watch the Rockies game.
IMG_0039.jpgWhile the game was a disaster, for the Rockies, the company was quite nice. It more than made up for the horrible game. 
IMG_0040.jpgWe didn't need the Rockies to entertain us. We had fun all by ourselves. (Bryan wanted to be in this photo too, so he stuck his finger in there at the bottom corner.)
_MG_6801.jpgWe had a great view of downtown from our seats and the sunset was beautiful.
_MG_6804.jpgThe Rockies did have a few nice hits. This being "Cargo" was one of them. He's one of our power hitters although it seems like he's kind of in a slump.
_MG_6809.jpgThere were also a few good plays in the field.
_MG_6813.jpgThe Rockies threw this guy (jumping in the air)out at home plate! That was a fun play.
_MG_6824.jpgAfter the game we decided to walk around the stadium and check it out a bit. There's a nice little area with fountains and gardens near the out field. It would be a pretty nice and relaxing place if it were a park that we could actually visit. So, the Rockies got obliterated with a score of 10-3. Yuck! While it seems that the Rockies have been struggling I still enjoy going to the games. It's just a fun atmosphere. 

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