Sunday, May 15, 2011


AnnaMud1-2.jpgLook at this adorable little face. While she's cute and adorable, she's also sneaky and cute! She gets away with almost everything because of her insanely lovable personality or because she sneaks around when I'm not looking.
AnnaMud-2.jpgOn this particular day she snuck into the backyard, without any shoes, just after it had rained.  This child loves dirt and mud. Try as you might you can't keep her away from it.
AnnaMud2-2.jpgWhen you bring her inside to clean her up guess what she does? She runs! Then you play a long game of chase while there is much giggling on the side. All in a day's work. We'll take it. Who wants to housework when you can chase cute little toddlers around instead?


Adriane said...

Did she EAT the mud?!

JAN said...

Yes! She will eat anything she can fit into her mouth. It's gross.

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