Monday, May 30, 2011

Animal Kingdom

_MG_6642.jpgMy parents rolled into town just in time to celebrate Rachel's birthday!
_MG_6744.jpgSince they've been in town we've been here and there and everywhere.
_MG_6611.jpgWe hit the town and went to the zoo. You know that summer is just around the corner when we start visiting the zoo again.
_MG_6616.jpgHere are a few of my favorite photos. I won't bore you with the rest. If you really want to see them you can check out the slideshow below.
_MG_6666.jpgThere was a new baby orangutan born not too long ago.
_MG_6670.jpgStay tuned for a later post about how gross these silver backs can be. :)
IMG_1009.jpgI love the guy on the far right. He makes the photo. :)
IMG_0997.jpgBecause the world can never have enough Canadian geese. . . 

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