Wednesday, May 4, 2011

10 in 10

_MG_5715.jpgHere's the happenings around our house on Monday. Jared has the day off, so he teaches the children.
_MG_5721.jpgI do as much laundry as I possibly can, so I don't get too far behind. On a side note, these are my most favorite laundry baskets ever! We got two when we were married and I've added 5 more since then. They're super sturdy. The kids love to climb on them and ride in them. They've lasted more than ten years with no sign of falling apart anytime soon. I love them! Is it crazy of me to love my laundry baskets? 
_MG_5724.jpgWe had little mandarin oranges with lunch.
_MG_5731.jpgOur basil is taking off. This is so exciting since I haven't had a good crop in years past. Here's a little gardening tip for you: if you start plants indoor you should take them outside every once in awhile so they get used to the outdoors and don't go into shock when you transplant them. It's called hardening them off. 
_MG_5738.jpgDavid is always asking me to take his picture. He rarely takes a "normal" photo anymore. It seems that he likes to make funny faces and then look at himself and laugh.
_MG_5748.jpgI received some missing pattern pieces in the mail to a skirt I've been wanting to make. Yay!! Thanks Gail. Now I better get sewing!
_MG_5751.jpgI then did a little workout with Tony Horton. I hate it, but I love it!
_MG_5749.jpgWhen the babies wake up from their nap they are always excited when you open the door.
_MG_5761.jpgWe all went to the Olive Garden for dinner. A couple at church gives us gift cards sometimes. 
_MG_5760.jpgAfter dinner we headed to the library for a bit. The children's area at our library is like an indoor playground with books! That chair that Anna is sitting on spins in circles. Who wouldn't love this chair.
That concludes our ten shots in ten hours. I can't believe I stuck to just ten photos this time. :) Until next time. . .


Amy said...

I love your 10 photos in 10 hours!! I need to try it sometime.

Lauren said...

I'd skip the Tony Horton and go straight for the cute kids and the Olive Garden, but good for you, Jan! These 10 in 10 are so much fun.

(Are you still doing Ab Ripper X? It seems like you're on to other stuff judging by the screen.)

JAN said...

Amy, you definitely should do it. It's lots of fun!

Lauren, I just did the Ab Ripper X today. :) And yes, I've started doing a few other workouts as well. We'll see how long that lasts.

Lauren said...

If they weren't 50 minutes long I'd be more inclined to do them. Maybe. Kinda.

JAN said...

Yeah, they are kind of long. It makes me want to quit. Perhaps you should try Jason's Insanity videos. I think they're shorter. :)