Thursday, April 28, 2011


Jeggings came along around the same time that skinny jeans came along. Have you jumped on that band wagon yet? My husband thinks it's a hideous trend. He says they're just not flattering. . .  on anyone. I beg to differ. I finally picked up a pair the other day.

_MG_5192.jpgWhat do you think? I think Anna looks pretty cute! 
_MG_5188.jpgThey're super comfy from the looks of things.
_MG_5187.jpgI think we'll keep them.


Adriane said...

Tell Jared I'm revoking his Witness privileges until he affirms the goodness that is jeggings.

Laura Melius said...

A young(er) salesperson asked Angela, Katie, and me if we were interested in trying the jeggings when we were shopping last January. Ha! Maybe I could have pulled them off when I was Anna's size. :o)

Anonymous said...

lol She looks great in them! Myself, not so much.