Sunday, March 13, 2011


_MG_3572.jpgOur first evening at the Braaten's house, Anna was making growling noises at the dinner table. (Maybe I will have to shoot some video of this noise. It's pretty cute!) Anyway, Jason wanted to join in, so he growled right after she did. This made Anna a little confused. She turned, and buried her face on the arm of the chair, and started crying. Her reaction was just priceless. I had to laugh as I was consoling her. She quickly got over that growl and climbed right onto Jason's lap. Crazy, right? They became buddies.
_MG_3634.jpgAfter a few days Anna was no longer shy and made herself comfortable anywhere and everywhere.
_MG_3574.jpgThe kids enjoyed evening stories read by Jason. Who wouldn't love a story teller that looked like this? :)


Adriane said...

Jason's rockin' the cape. And the crayons. And the . . .um . . . okay, yeah.

Lauren said...

There is nothing sweeter than footed jammies. Nothing.

I'm not tellin' said...

Oh yes there is--a pastor geared up for an evening of, of,


JAN said...

Gosh, that's a big toss up for me: footed jammies vs. a reading pastor. Hmmm.... Can the reading pastor wear footed pajamas while he reads?