Monday, March 14, 2011

Stop the Cuteness!

_MG_3654.jpgIt's always challenging to get photos of small children together, but we always seem to try, don't we? Anna had been chewing on a little hacky sack/ball. We took it away from her. She go a little mad. Look at the look on her face. I'm the meanest mom ever!
_MG_3659.jpgWe gave it back to her and the crying stopped.
_MG_3672.jpgI think beds make all kids happy! Who doesn't like playing on their bed?
_MG_3673.jpgSince they were on Ollie's bed they were all about a photo op!


Anonymous said...

It is so hard for me to get my son to look at me when I took his picture, or was until I bought a lens pet. That thing has totally saved me!

Adorable pictures of adorable kids!

Running Mommy said...

I begin this post with hesitation, but as a mom I feel like I most post my comment. In your last two post I have noticed the adorable little blond boy. As a mom of a five year old-little blond boy-I have noticed that the child in your photo has a misaligned eye. I am not sure if the family is aware, and I am only aware because my son had/has the same issue. There are many "reasons" to explain the reason for the misalignment of the eye, it looks maybe it is the left eye (which is the same in my son) all which are treatable. I only write this post, as I only discovered it in my son when it was pointed out by others. My son has Duane's syndrome, explaining his misalignment-but with treatment the side effects, such as seeing double have been decreased and he is able to read and write at the same ability as his peers, as well as engage in any sporting activity he chooses.
Again I apologize for over stepping my boundary, as I never would impose a judgement on someone else's child. I hope that my observation is simply a wrong impression. sincerely-

Lauren said...

@Running Mommy - this is the mom of the little blond boys. No worries about your comments on my son's eye. I appreciate your thoughtfulness and insights. We are, in fact, awaiting the phone call that his little pair of glasses are in. Glad to know that things got better for your son's eyesight with treatments. Thanks again.

JAN said...

Ashlee, thanks for the lens pet reminder. That has been on my list of things to get made and I keep forgetting. It's such a great idea!