Monday, March 7, 2011

Let the Fun Begin

_MG_3462.jpgThese kids hit it off right away. They hung out like peas and carrots, or maybe like an Oreo cookie, or peanut butter and jelly. Okay. Never mind.
_MG_3467.jpgI stuck Anna in a crib, in a huge room, all by herself at bedtime. She wasn't too thrilled about that. She was wondering where Elizabeth was. They've never slept without each other before. I caved when she started wailing. The instant I went in and picked her up she fell asleep on my lap.
_MG_3472.jpgOnce Anna was down and out, Lauren and I had things to do. It wasn't all fun and games this week. We had projects! Here's the first one. We had to start simple, so we could feel good about what we had accomplished. I made a cute little broach. It was so easy. All it takes is a scrap of fabric, some hot glue, and a little pin for the back. I think they would be cute hair clips too. I may have to post a tutorial sometime in the future.
_MG_3474.jpgLauren started cutting slits.
_MG_3476.jpgCan you guess what she made? We found a beautiful model for it. You'll just have to wait until next time to see it. :) Catch you later.


Adriane said...

Your kids are so freaking cute it hurts.

Lauren said...

I might have a slight addiction to Anna's cheeks. Cheeks for weeks!!