Sunday, March 13, 2011

Any Guesses?

_MG_3517.jpgDo you remember when I posted this photo in a previous post? Gail, you had a great guess at what I was making, but it wasn't right.
_MG_3845.jpgHere's another hint. :) Okay, keep scrolling.
_MG_3835.jpgI am sure many of you are familiar with Dave Ramsey, yes? He's all about living debt-free. We have a lot of friends that have taken classes from Financial Peace University. We had a mini session a few years ago while we were in PALS. We've read the book and watched the DVDs. Now we've jumped on the bandwagon. If you're not familiar with the program, I'll give a little insight into it. The goal is to create a budget. Once you begin the program you use only cash to pay for everything. (We aren't doing that for everything, just most things.) Using an envelope system, put cash into your envelopes for the amount you have budgeted. You can only spend what is in your envelope. When it's gone, it's gone. Bummer, huh? Hopefully, you have budgeted well and won't have that problem. And hopefully, you'll have some money leftover at the end of the month.
_MG_3837.jpgAt any rate, if you purchase the book/program there are envelopes inside. They're lame, ugly, boring envelopes. That doesn't work for me. Lauren had a pretty cute set of envelopes, so I set out to make some of my own, using her envelopes as my pattern. This what I came up with. Aren't they cute?
_MG_3838.jpgIt helps to have a friend with an impeccable fabric taste. I got a little carried away with all the cute fabric. I ended up making more envelopes than I acutally need.
_MG_3843.jpgA different, adorable envelope for each category. LOVE this fabric!
_MG_3839.jpgYou all want to jump on the bandwagon now, too, don't you? It's my envelopes. I know they're calling out to you. Go ahead. I dare you!
Gail, I do think I see some placemats in my future. With all this cute fabric that sounds like a fun and easy project.


Lauren said...

The labels turned out great, Jan. I love them! My sewing room still has piles of fabric sitting around but since they're so colorful and bright, I'm just leaving them out as decoration.

JAN said...

Yay for colorful fabric! I have sewing stuff out all over in the hopes that I will find time to sew. I still have some things to finish up that you started for me. :)

Lucy said...

Would you be willing to share some of your secrets to the cuties? My husband and I were just talking about our sad envelopes falling apart.

I love all your fabric choices! I don't have any in my stash quite that cool, but I would enjoy trying with my slightly less cool fabric.

Dimensions? And how did you get all those finished edges?

JAN said...

Lucy, maybe I will do a tutorial. I had so much fun making these.