Thursday, March 10, 2011

Adventures in Amish Country

_MG_3582.jpgLauren lives about 20 miles from the Amish. We planned a trip out there one morning. The little Amish children were in school, so Lauren to decided to drive right into their school driveway. They obviously don't drive buses. Instead they have a lineup of buggies.
_MG_3583.jpgThe little girls wear cute little bonnets on their head. Can you see the little girl in the window?
_MG_3577.jpgIf there is a place that has "Bulk Foods" in the title then you know it has to be a great place.
_MG_3586.jpgThis little place is run by the Amish, though anyone and everyone shops there. There is separate parking for people with cars and people with a horse and buggy.
_MG_3587.jpgInside there are all sorts of wonderful goodness. We bought that bacon cheese and made nachos. It was so good!
_MG_3588.jpgThey have bulk everything. It's great that they don't waste money on pretty packaging. It probably saves us money too, by purchasing things this way.
_MG_3589.jpgSince I knew I would be visiting, I started a list awhile back. It was kind of a big list. Most of the things I bought were hard to find items or more expensive in our regular grocery store.
_MG_3590.jpgThe Amish definitely dress quite plainly and all the ladies wear bonnets on their heads. They had the cutest little baby with them.
_MG_3592.jpgAfter we left Beachy's we drove past a random home on wheels. It's nice to be mobile, I suppose. :)
_MG_3579.jpgOur next stop was Miller's Dry Goods. They have a lot of books, sewing supplies, fabric, and some other random things.
_MG_3593.jpgThe one thing I will never understand about the Amish is that their lifestyle prohibits them from using technology. They can't use electricity, yet they can use propane gas. What's the difference? We were in their stores and they had some really nice cash registers. Don't you think they should be doing all the math by hand? Well, I'd hate be them, adding up my order by hand.
_MG_3626.jpgHere's the loot I ended up with. Let's just say I barely got it all packed in my suitcase.


Heather said...

I'm jealous! I've always wanted to visit Amish country.

I wish we had a grocery store like that in Denver, too! Fun post :-)

Sara said...

Isn't that fun?!! When my grandmother was alive, she lived out by the Amish in rural Iowa and we used to always go together. Great memories. Now I drag Heidi out there when we visit the Wegeners. I have to twist her arm and all! ;) Looks like you had a great time!!

JAN said...

It reminded me of Shipshewana, but less touristy. I can't imagine you would have to drag Heidi out to the Amish. I would be all over the bulk foods if I was her with their big family.

Adriane said...

Son of a beachy!

Also, thanks to you, I'm still eating chocolate. :)

JAN said...

Adriane, I am so glad you are enjoying the chocolate because I know for a fact that it wasn't going to fit in my luggage! :)

Amy said...

I just discovered a store in Grabill that looks just like the one in your pictures. I'm in love! Their prices are amazing too! Just outside of town there is a Miller's too...same thing, lots of fabric and sewing stuff.

Kristen @ Joyfullythriving said...

Oh, isn't this funny, Amy? I live in Grabill and was just getting ready to say how much I love our bulk food store! It's a great place to stock up. How needs fancy packaging when you can get great prices?