Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Want To See More House?

Fam2.jpgHere is our family room. I am in the kitchen shooting this photo. It was feeling a little cramped, so we moved two chairs and the coffee table to the other room. I like this much better. Jared would really like to get a wood burning fireplace, but for now that gas thing will have to do. I want to give it a makeover. I can't stand that gold. Anyone have any cheap ideas? I doubt we'll do anything to it. I'm also not a huge fan of the cut out wall thingy. I wished that it was just a plain wall. I think it limits what we can do with the room.
Fam.jpgThis is the view from the stairs. Now see those pillows on the couch? I am thinking of giving them a makeover as well. Please share your ideas with me.
Fam7.jpgSo, now I am standing in front of the fireplace. Our house is pretty open. There are pros and cons to that.
Fam3.jpgThe family room has really high ceilings, just like the front room. Up at the top of the photo you can see some railings. Jared calls that the "catwalk." From up there you can see pretty much the whole main floor with the exception of the kitchen.
Fam5.jpgStanding on the "catwalk" this ledge is directly across from me. Those are toys that the kids have thrown up there. They've been warned several times about throwing things up there. It usually happens when someone gets mad at someone else, so they throw the other person's toy up there, knowing that we won't get it down from there. We usually do a cleaning ever six months or so. I guess when I say "we" I mean Jared. There is now way I would go up there. I'm scared of heights. I also had him get up there and paint that wall gray. Isn't he fabulous? He did a great job. :) So I'm not sure if I should do anything with this wall or not. It's pretty high. Thoughts?
Fam4.jpgLooking down from the "catwalk." Tempting to drop things isn't it? Yes, it happens often here, even though the kids know they aren't supposed to drop things.
Fam6.jpgThen we have a massive wall of just windows. It gets a little drafty, but the amount of light that gets let into the house is all worth it to me. That is one thing I love about this house. The windows bring in a ton of natural light. It helps a lot, especially for photography.


Linda said...

I think that high gray wall is a perfect place to store the kids toys.....

JAN said...

No! That's what my basement is for...and the garbage can. :) I want something nice up there.

Adriane said...

A) Your house looks hugely tall, like it's meant for giants!
B) Bwahahaha! (That was me laughing at the ledge with the kids' toys.)
C) I love the colors. You and Kel pick great earth tones.
D) I should probably come visit.

Linda said...

You need a nice, big piece of art up there...something that is colorful... and then you can come decorate my house! :)

JAN said...

My house is made for giants. You'd fit right in.
And the color? I stole that from Kel? Doesn't it look familiar? Their living room perhaps? ;)

Victoria said...

Don't smack me, 'cause you *did* ask for suggestions....
The gray wall makes that room feel small. Maybe a yellowy beige? I hate beige, but it would make your room feel less crowded, while still giving some contrast. You could make huge over-sized cushions for your couch to match.

White or sheer curtains would help keep the drafts under control while still letting in the natural light. I think a huge,draping, what-do-you-call-it...valance, with full length sides would be awesome there, hung from the very tippy top. :)
For some reason, the railing bothers me. It seems out of place somehow. Wrong style? If you really need a divider there between the kitchen and living room, maybe a built in shelving display, or a mini breakfast bar type thing that faces into the living room. Maybe a plexi-glass terrarium with some plants, or frogs or hermit crabs for the kids? If you're really crazy (like I am), a wall, with a ladder from the kitchen and a slide into the living room space. Okay, so I'm a little kooky. I've always been big on creative living spaces/ furniture. :P
The huge space over the fireplace is an invitation for huge art, or potted plants, fake or otherwise that would be tall enough to fit the space. Pots of varying size would look great. Or, you could bring the outdoors in, and put a trough type, long window box planter there and some trellis behind, and put in a flowering vine or two.

JAN said...

Victoria, I love your ideas. The yellow wall would definitely add some nice contrast. I also dislike the railing between the kitchen and living room. I love the idea of a breakfast bar. Will you come and build all of this for us? :)