Thursday, February 3, 2011

So Long

20110122_0029_Seattle_2011.jpgWe made it to the airport with plenty of time before we had to board our plane back to Denver. What do people do when they have so much time to just wait?
20110122_0008_Seattle_2011.jpgWe watched planes drive by,
20110122_0016_Seattle_2011.jpghonked a few noses,
20110122_0020_Seattle_2011.jpgwatched some planes take off,
20110122_0028_Seattle_2011.jpgmade funny faces,
20110122_0017_Seattle_2011.jpgwatched more planes drive by,
20110122_0013_Seattle_2011.jpgand of course watched more planes take off. We were in the perfect spot to watch the planes take off. Rachel counted all of the planes we saw take off. There were nineteen. They sure keep things moving at the airport. 

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