Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Many Valentines

_MG_3148.jpgHow was your Valentine's day? I, for one, think Valentine's day is the most overrated holiday. It's just another reason to spend money you don't have, I suppose. Mondays are my days to run errands, so that's what we did most of the day. It was also quite warm outside, so when we got home the kids were begging to ride bikes and play outside. I still had another store to get to, so I took off. When I returned the sun was starting to go down and my husband had disappeared. Hmm?
_MG_3135.jpgThe men, I found out, were on a mission. Our neighbor has been eyeing a beautiful log on his way to work everyday. What better time to go and retrieve than Valentine's day, right? The children were still outside. The men were gone, and a firepit appeared in my driveway. I am sure you can guess what happened.
_MG_3133.jpgOh, maybe I should back track a little bit. I took off for the grocery store. Our neighbor, Patrick, above on the left, took off to Costco. He was on a mission to pick up filet mignon and bread for dinner. He doesn't have a Costco card. He borrowed Matt's, our neighbor's card. He got to Costco and apparently it was time for them to renew their membership. Uh, oh! Costco was going to call the police, however, if Patrick paid the $100 membership fee he was off the hook. Nice, huh? He came home with the steaks and off he and men went to get some firewood._MG_3138.jpgThis is part of the log. From the side of the road the log didn't look so big. As they were getting closer and sinking into the muddy ground the log seemed to grow bigger and bigger. Somehow, they got the log on the truck and got it home.
_MG_3137.jpgThen there was the matter of getting the log chopped up and small enough for the fire pit. I think there were a total of three axes._MG_3142.jpgThe axes didn't quite get the job done, so they finally pulled out the chain saw.
_MG_3144.jpgOh! Did I mention the part where the fire truck and three police cars showed up? I guess I forgot. After a lovely meal, it was time for my little babies to go to bed. I was upstairs putting the girls to bed when Rebecca came up and told me to get my camera and hurry outside to see the fire engine. What? Apparently, we were told, that they had received a phone call about an open flame. They just laughed. While there was an open flame, it was also contained. After the truck left, three police cars showed up. Huh? Now what? The police received a call about a dangerous dog. If you have read my blog, perhaps, you have seen Jordan. She's like our guard dog. She watches over our children. She rarely barks and never attacks anyone. She just hangs around. The police asked to see her. They LOVED her and obviously she wasn't dangerous. We chatted a bit with the officers.You could tell that they wanted to join our party. We weren't doing anything wrong. We weren't being loud, except for that one fiework display that Matt set off. We were with our families and friends having a great time! That was our Valentine's day; full of fun and excitement. I think the only thing missing were the marshamllows. Next time for sure. I think we have enough wood to last the entire summer now. There is never a dull moment in our neighborhood.

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Victoria said...

Looks like a great time!

Hey, we're moving and still have a lot of firewood out back. If you or your neighbors would like to come get it, let me know. They're raw logs, with bark still on, not cut or split.
We'll be clearing out of here the beginning of March...Just give us a holler, or stop us at AIC sometime.