Saturday, February 5, 2011


_MG_2758_Seattle_2011.jpgI know nothing about beer. If given the choice between wine or beer. Wine wins with me. Jared, and a lot of people I know, love beer. In fact, I even know many beer snobs. Beer brewing is growing at a crazy rate across the country and, even just with a lot of people we know. Jared was given a beer brewing kit for Christmas. He followed the directions on the package and voila! When it came time to bottle the beer we didn't have any beer bottles, so canning jars worked just as well. What do you think?
_MG_2760_Seattle_2011.jpgCareful when you pour, if you use canning jars. :)
When there are negative temperatures outside why not drink an ice cold beer out of a frosted mug?_MG_2761_Seattle_2011.jpgPerfect! Smooth as ice.
_MG_2762_Seattle_2011.jpgWe couldn't taste the first mug of beer without the people who gave Jared the gift, so I made soup and we drank beer.
_MG_2763_Seattle_2011.jpgIt looks like there will be more beer brewing in Jared's future. The beer was excellent and quite smooth. I was surprised. No. Shocked, actually. :)


Gretchen said...

Ha! Derek's brewing beer now, too. Be glad Jared's using canning jars because I've washed quite a few beer bottles the last few months for his "project."

JAN said...

Can't you just stick them in the dishwasher? What a nice wife to help with "his project. " :) Maybe we'll make it Knoxville someday and we can throw a few back, eh?