Thursday, January 6, 2011

Blessed Epiphany!

Tree2Okay, so it's not Christmas anymore. Epiphany has begun and this post has nothing to do with Epiphany. ;) I never got around to posting our photos of our tree this year. It changed daily depending on what child was messing around with the ornaments. I was gone when Jared and the kids put the tree up and decorated it. Do you like the stocking on top? No angel or star here. I have no idea where that stuff is and nor do I care. At any rate I do love our tree all lit up and with such fun and unique ornaments.Tree

This ornament we love because obviously we went to the University of Washington and it was a big deal when the made it to the Rose Bowl. After this year's win at the Holiday Bowl against Nebraska I think the Huskies are making their way back in the game. :)


We received this Colorado Rockies ornament as a gift this year. We had a great summer attending several games this year and have become big Rockies fans since moving to Colorado.


Jared's grandma always did a great job at sending out ornaments. I believe this was the last ornament she sent to us. It's an overhead shot of their farm. Cool isn't it? It's one of my favorite ornaments besides all the cute little handmade ones that she made. So on this Epiphany, his grandpa Claire's birthday we remember them both. Happy Epiphany to you all!

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