Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The First Day of Christmas

Merry Christmas to you all. We hope you have been enjoying your Christmas thus far. C1

With Jared's schedule being so hectic this time of year we decided to celebrate the twelve days of Christmas by letting the children open one gift on each of the twelve days of Christmas. This also gives us a chance to shop the after Christmas deals. Our first day of Christmas was huge for the kids.


Anna was a little overwhelmed. Things got crazy when we said they could all open their gifts. It was nuts. Paper was flying everywhere. Can you imagine?


Elizabeth was really into Christmas this year. She couldn't wait.


Rebecca thought she got a new bike seat for her bike for Christmas. She was trying to act really excited. What a good girl.


Anna doesn't get this. Why is everyone acting so wild and out of control? We just sat her on the table and she was fine.


Rebecca knitted Jared a new scarf.


So on the first day of the Christmas the four older children got new bikes. Elizabeth got a Zhu Zhu pet. It's like a little pet hamster that runs on batteries. She gets so excited over such a simple little thing. Poor Anna got a sippy cup, but she was more than happy once there was milk in it. That concludes our first day of Christmas. I think I'll spare you the other eleven days. :)

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