Thursday, November 18, 2010

Stonebrook Manor

StonebrookStonebrook Manor is near our house. We often drive by it on our way to one of our favorite parks, so I’ve seen it and have always been curious about this place. Stonebrook1 When Colleen mentioned doing their portraits here I was a little excited. I mean this place looks really neat, but I had no reason to check it out. I’m already married. Stonebrook2However, for you who are not yet married, or maybe you just need to have a place to hold a fancy party, you have got to check this place out. It’s beautiful.Stonebrook4I didn’t really get any photos of the building or the inside, but it is just as beautiful as it is outdoors.Stonebrook3

There are two separate gardens and two large pavilions ready to accommodate several people! The gardens are wonderfully landscaped with meandering walkways and plants that make you feel like it isn’t quite fall with winter around the corner. There was a cute little bridge and even a water fountain and the ladies that worked there were really sweet to let us shoot some shots there. Thank you Stonebrook Manor for being so beautiful and accommodating.

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