Thursday, October 7, 2010

School Never Ends

 My parents were in town last week for a short visit. 
 My mom taught the kids how to speak and write in Thai.
 They were pretty excited. Rebecca and Rachel have been writing and practicing up a storm. They love it. They learned colors and days of the week.
So for a few hours everyday our kids learned a little Thai. I'm sure they'll be fluent soon. :)


Brenda said...

did you teach them "im lao" (That's about all I remember...I'm full, right?). Remember the road trip to the beach with a 4 year old? She tried to teach me to count to ten. Funny. Sounds like they are ready for a vacation :)

Lauren said...

How much do you know, Jan? Do your children now know more than you?!

JAN said...

Brenda, you are so funny. You had to learn that phrase because everyone kept trying to make eat more and more. My kids haven't learned that yet, especially since my parents seem to load them up with goodies.

Lauren, yes, I am pretty sure my children know more than I do since they have begun learning the alphabet and spelling. Nice, huh?

MarshaMarshaMarsha said...

they focused for a few HOURS each day? wow. impressive!

looking at those thai words makes our latin seem like a piece of cake!

(that last pic is great. such concentration! and silly bandz!)

JAN said...

I know. I can't focus on anything for an hour. :) Silly bandz are out of control around here!