Saturday, October 30, 2010

Fall Means

LEaves8lots and lots of leaves! Having a leaf blower makes clean up go a lot faster.

Leaves Leaves1

Anna loves having the leaf blower blown on her. Elizabeth usually doesn’t, but for some reason she found it quite comical. Maybe she saw Anna’s face.Leaves2  This is Anna’s new favorite face. We all get a kick out of this face. It’s hilarious.LEaves4Thomas wanted to help clean up the leaves. It’s a good thing Jared had his blower or Thomas would have been there all day with that tiny little rake. Leaves5 There is no way to make a leaf pile without having someone mess it up again.Leaves6  A big pile of leaves gets lonely when there’s no one to play in it, so playing is a must!


Sarah Kate said...

Ohhhh Anna!!! She is edible, Jan!! Your new header is gorgeous. Happy, happy kids!

JAN said...

Thank you Sarah Kate! I may be biased but I have to completely agree with you. ;)