Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Beauty Blender

 There was a raffle at the beauty swap that Katie and I attended.  Katie and I both won stuff! I won this Beauty Blender.
 I love it! I use it everyday. It looks a little scary at first sight, but it's well worth getting and using. Have ever used beauty sponges to apply foundation? Or maybe you just use your fingers and the foundation gets all over the place. What a mess.
 The Beauty Blender is incredibly easy to use. Just run it under water and squeeze out the excess liquid.  Then dip the beauty blender into a little foundation and start dabbing it onto your face. The pointed tip fits nicely in hard to reach place, like around your eyes.  If you're like me and don't like a heavy, cakey feel to your makeup, this beauty blender is what you are looking for. You control how much foundation you put on. A little bit goes a long way and it feels just like a light moisturizer. It's perfect and there's no mess. 
When you're finished use the blendercleanser to clean your beauty blender. A few pumps of the cleanser and a rinse under water and you're set. Then just set your beauty blender on the pedestal to dry for the next day. It doesn't get any easier. You can also pick up a beauty blender from Make Up Mania if you are in the Denver area.


Hooked On Beauty said...

I'm so glad you like this thing. I really love it. It makes the biggest difference huh?

JAN said...

CP, it makes a huge difference. I felt like I was wasting makeup before.

Kellee said...

Oh, so now you are cuter than you already were :)

JAN said...

Kellee, I'm just trying to keep up with you. ;)