Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Camp Camp1
Did you think I was finished blogging about our vacation in Washington? Nope. Isn't that just the coolest rope swing? The kids now want one at home, and so does Jared.Camp2
We met up with some of Jared's old school buddies and their families.  It was the first time we got to meet this little cutie. Look at those eyes and his beautiful bald little head.  I love it!
We had a little camp out, only we didn't actually set up any tents and sleep over.
  We roasted hot dogs and made burgers.
We had no problem keeping Anna entertained.
Elizabeth was also easily entertained.  She kind of did her own thing and found her own toys? Yep, just her size.
Not only was there a rope swing, but there was a zip line for all to enjoy!
I just loved this pic and had to include it. 
Thomas wasn't so sure of the zip line, but once he went down the first time he wanted to do it again...and again. 
  I have no idea, but they are pretty cute aren't they?  Jared's friend, Dan was kind enough to bring cherries for everyone from the fruit company at which he works.  The kids loved them.  Can you tell?
Camp15 David had fun hanging out.
Camp16  Rebecca has really long legs so they all ducked.
C19We adults even gave it a try. Camp18It was so fun that I think we'll have to go back again the next time we're in town, so watch out Gary and Nikki.  Camp19
Gary, Jared, and Dan haven't changed one bit.  I should find a photo of them from high school.  :)  You can check out the rest of our camp out photos HERE. You can also check out the zip line video below.  We had a blast.  Again, I have no video skills, so you'll just have to bear with me.  

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