Wednesday, August 4, 2010


ZooHaving children you cannot escape visiting a zoo if there is one nearby. Zoo1 So while we were in Seattle we went to the Woodland Park Zoo.Zoo2 We visit the Denver Zoo so often that this was a nice change in pace.Zoo4We obviously saw a ton of animals, but it was also more green and there were more trees than I remember.  It has definitely been many years since I’ve been to this zoo.Zoo3 Zoo11

There were elephants from Thailand.  I remember them well from when we visited as little kids. That one above, named Chai is as old as I am.  We were born in the same year. Zoo12The elephant exhibit was actually a big thing when we were young.  And guess what? Zoo6My mom helped with it.  Not building it, but translating all of it.  So if you visit this zoo and you see any Thai words around, it was my mom that translated it.  Cool, huh?Zoo5This ant eater thing was huge.  It actually got up close to the kids in the window.  Zoo7 There were fun tunnels and caves to climb around in and out.Zoo8I think this orangutan was quite the people person. Zoo9 He was quite friendly.   Zoo13

Zoo14 The penguins were a hoot to visit too!Zoo15

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